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Why is a Senior Care Practitioner good medicine?
  • Canadian health data shows that an average of 3000 seniors die each year of adverse drug events; 88% of which are preventable.
  • If adverse drug events were ranked as a cause of death, it would have been the fifth leading cause of death amongst elderly in North America.
  • Health care professionals are often not adequately trained to recognize how diseases and drugs affect older people.
  • People over the age of 65 should be assessed differently and more frequently to determine the need for, efficacy and safety of each of their medications. This approach is not routinely followed in clinical practice.
"Millions of seniors are unknowingly at risk of illness, disability and death caused by medication related problems"
36% of all reported adverse drug events involve an elderly individual.
What is an adverse drug event?

  • A adverse drug event is an unwanted and sometimes unexpected response of the body to medications. It may happen shortly after treatment started or happen years down the line.


Senior Care Practice

Senior Care Practitioner FAQ

Who can benefit from consulting a Senior Care Practitioner?

1. Everyone that takes care of a senior with concerns about his or her health.
2. Everyone who is over the age of 65 years and:

What is a medication related problem?

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How does a One-on-One consultation with the Senior Care Practitioner work?

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