"My passion for caring for older adults started in 2003."
My Commitment as a Senior Care Practitioner:
  • I hold my patients' interests above all others.
  • I take responsibility for my patients' medication-related needs.
  • I ensure that my patients' medications are the most appropriate and effective, used correctly and are the safest possible.
  • I identify, resolve, and prevent age and medication related problems that may interfere with quality of life and day-to-day functioning.
  • I respect my patient's values, sentiments and cultural beliefs.
  • I respect my patient's privacy and will not share any of his/her personal health information with any party without consent from my patient.
  • I commit to be a reputable source of health and medication information.
  • I commit to pursue excellence as an educator and facilitator.

Senior Care Practice

About Mathilda

Mathilda graduated in 1983 as a pharmacist in South Africa and immigrated to Canada in 2002. She continued to practice as a pharmacist in a setting where most of her clients were older adults.

This experience with seniors inspired her to improve her understanding of the unique health care needs of older individuals and how to serve them better.

Her experience with seniors and taking care of their unique medication and health care needs inspired her to make it a priority to improve her knowledge, skills and understanding of how to better serve older people.

She certified as a Geriatric Pharmacist at an Internationally recognized certification agency in 2011 and started Senior Care Practice. Her strong commitment to ongoing learning provides her with up-to-date and practical knowledge to ensure the highest standards of care to her patients.

She obtained additional certification in:

Mathilda is being awarded for life-long learning by the College of Pharmacist of Manitoba since 2006.

She is a member of the following regulatory, professional support and interest groups: