"Senior Care Practice is your Prescription to thrive!"

Did you know? The mantra of a Senior Care Practitioner is to consider every new problem a medication related problem unless proven otherwise.

What does a Senior Care Practitioner do for her patients?
  • She visits in the comfort of their homes
  • She identifies and solves unresolved medical, age and medication related problems
  • She advocates for her patients at their physician/s and other health professionals to pursue better outcomes
  • She refers to other health professionals when necessary
  • She assists her patients and their families with information about relevant government funded and private assistance programs that improve quality of life
  • She educates her patients and their families about the best possible ways to manage existing health conditions and therapies

Senior Care Practice

Hello and welcome, my name is Mathilda Prinsloo, Senior Care Practitioner, Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist and Diabetes Educator.

Are you a senior with unresolved medical and medication related problems?

Are you unsatisfied with life and frustrated with the problems of aging, many medications, frequent visits to doctors' offices or hospitalization?

Maybe you are a caregiver or adult child who are concerned about a mom or dad who appears to be going downhill fast and falling through the cracks?

If this is you, thank you for visiting my website and allowing me to introduce myself and Senior Care Practice; I am a Senior Care Practitioner and independent consultant in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. What sets my service apart is that I visit my patients in the comfort of their homes.

Did you know that aging changes how our bodies manage medications? A Senior Care Practitioner has additional training to recognize how aging, medications and disease affect older people and has expert knowledge to implement safer treatments.

Older people have unique healthcare needs and should be assessed and treated differently compared to other population groups. Medication related problems are often dismissed as the normal cause of aging when it actually requires medical attention. It amazed me when I first started my practice how significantly patients' health status improved when unnecessary and inappropriate medications were eliminated or replaced with safer one's.

My mandate as a Senior Care Practitioner is to improve the lives of seniors and help them age as healthy as possible. I accomplish my goal through assessment of areas of wellbeing that are usually affected by aging, Comprehensive Medication Review and Management Plan. Assessment and screening help to identify actual and potential age, medication and health related problems that need to be addressed.

My role as an independent consultant allows me to act as a link between the physician, other health care providers, the patient and the family whether the patient resides in an assisted or independent living facility or living in the community. I am passionate about caring for older people that adds a personal touch to the health care of my patients.

I don't sell pills, I help older adults to thrive!